Wednesday, April 4, 2012

DaliKrab Day 2012, Part II =D

Another shout of thanks to my friend Justynn Tyme for pushing me to my creative limits =)

This is the Bryce version, using same props as yesterdays post... I like the feel of the atmosphere in this one, and the water reflection is just awesome, as always for Bryce =)

"A Master Crabber and his Domain"

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

DaliKrab Day 2012 =)

I love when I'm pushed to extend my creative bounds..... I haven't had much of an artistic challenge lately, and DaliKrab day is one of my favorites. The long and short of it is that it is a celebration of surrealism and dadaism, when creative artisans unite and collaborate on artistic efforts in total surreal/dada style.

Not having had the proper chance to "play" in far too long, it was awesome re-acquainting myself with Bryce and Carrara. I had forgotten how much I enjoy the plastic/fantasy dream like style of renders that Bryce can produce, and how awesome it is to go totally ape-ass into a frenzy of mathematical artistry in Carrara.... Clones, replication, GI, edit models while in scene mode, load direct from my Poser runtime, the infinite possibility of the shader tree....... I get goosebumps, LOL!!!

What I like about this project was that it incorporated several programs and modeling techniques. The base figure is Miki 3 voxelize, cut up and "tortured" in 3D coat. Voxels rule, and are even better when the model si for your own use, no worry about quads, poly count or nasty UV map,s LOL!!! The claws were modeled in Hex, imported and attached to the voxel, and then auto-mapped and painted in 3D Coat. The final image is rendered in Carrara, and the other prop to the left is another Voxel Model

>>> mes femmes sont des crabes sur un régime <<<