Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Little creatures and "Critters" =)

I have "yet another" Bryce must have on its way my friends =) Critters features one of my earliest model packs ever created, sporting organic models generated using Amapi 6 (it was free w/ some magazine some time ago, and was my very 1st -nonfreeware- modeling app). I could extrude and smooth to my hearts desire, and that's exactly what I did =) Having just been introduced to Wings 3D, Amapi was an awesome grab, and allowed me to explore some very interesting and unique shapes/pieces.....

I added to that exploratory modeling practice run some Bryce materials and atmospheric settings, and BOOM, we have a seriously complete Bryce package, for your rendering needs =)

The shapes can be used in a variety of fashions, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, surrealism... Use them as abstracted pieces multi-replicated to generate awesome forms and 3D fractals. Apply arrays of them for geometric experiments, or add some diversity to your "sphere over water" renders substituting a singular "macro-array"... The possibilities are endless and infinite, I encourage you to use this set to push the boundaries of your own creative genius =)

Happy Rendering =D

* I "believe" that Amapi is now "Hexagon", and is offered (limited time only!) for FREE at Daz3D *

My Renderosity Free Stuff =)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Fantastic Empire.....

Actually, I don't remember if this ever made it to the store =P That shows how old I am, lol......

The Fantastic Empire is a MASSIVE collection of architectural props, materials and atmospheric presets to help Brycers create renders that will use a consistent style based on the included structures. The structures are native Bryce Booleans, and I grouped them by color for easy material selection and editing. 42 Architectural structures, 18 terrains,  well over 100 materials in different "styles", and over 170 atmospheric presets are included in this set.

Mix and match various components of the set to create full scenes, cities and "villages. Manipulate through robust environments with ease and maintain a consistent style, great for the screenplay visionary or storyteller... Add your structure, apply materials and atmosphere, populate and render, it's that easy =)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Awesome Valley

Imagine rendering 3D waterfall landscapes in Bryce... That was the "concept" behind the Awesome Valley set. You see plenty of pre-rendered backgrounds, but the ability to make them in an actual 3D environment is something totally different. Your characters and other scene objects can interact with them in ways that just arent possible using 2D manipulation and postwork (and believe me, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong w/ postwork, trust me, I use it all the time =P), but it does make a visual difference...

This set contains pre-constructed scene files, materials, terrains, atmospheric presets, and waterfall "alpha" maps, which I found to be CRUCIAL in mimicking the effect of "flowing water"...

While old (the set was originally made in Bryce 4), I know the included presets can prove to be dealy in the right hands. Yield to experiementation and exploration of landscaping concepts, and you can produce some "Awesome" imagery for sure =)

My "Ancient" Bryce Files =P

You guys are going to be seeing PLENTY of my VERY early release products seeping their way into my Renderosity Free Stuff Section =)

My very 1st attempts at online marketing were done under a name I dare to mention, =P many failed experiments and practices for my "big" run. By the time I became comfortable w/ my limited toolset at the time, I choose the persona "MatCreator", as most of my products were indeed Bryce "Mats" (materials =P)... I sold quite a bit of unusual, unique and brilliant proceedural mats, but for some very odd and terrible reason I began noticing "glitches" in my saved proceeds (sadly, an issue I never resolved), and when i could no longer trust proceeds, I began using photos, only deepening my love for photobased texture results. What started as a need for good presets to use, actually became the strong point of my very early surrealist imagery.

Anyways, I am very pleased to announce the re-release of the products that launched my "career" =P

I would like to take a very short moment to honor and give tribute to a very dear friend of mines, "Wawa Dave", a very unique and outstanding member of the Bryce community who sadly lost his battle to diabetes some time ago. He literally put me on the map, always pushing my products and gave whatever assistance he could, even using a signature banner with a link to my stores/products... You are deeply missed friend..... I will forever embrace your creative genius and remember to push the limits and boundaries of my own creativeness. Good journeys friend.