Friday, November 29, 2013

Morphing Environment 2: "The Water Pond"

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"The Water Pond" is yet another Morphing Environment Prop geared to help users of Poser/Daz Studio/Bryce/ Carrara create stunning imagery with the use of an extremely versatile background/backdrop prop... Making great use of "MatMorphs" to give the user variability over the end result of their Landscaped render...

What are MatMorphs?? That's a little nickname I gave the material/morphing poses that when selected, applies all the texture and morph information... Sadly, at this time I have yet to crack the code that would allow us to apply them simultaneously, but applying the material pose and cranking on the dial will give the same result. MatMorphs have color and texture embedded directly into the shape of the environment, so the end result can be different for the shape and style of the prop. Through this method, extreme detail can be variated over the prop, change the shape, change the textures, and an entirely new look and feel can be created to your scene with just a few clicks..... It's the same thing when applying a texture and a full body morph to a character, you can have two figures of Vicki 4 in the same image, but render them as two totally different and unique characters... Now the same versatility you've come to exploit with your figures you can do with your landscape environment =) Most times, props come pre-textured, and no variation can be taken advantage of. You "could" texture the prop yourself or apply different procedural materials (just as you can with my morphing environments =), but that's not a task for everyone..............

Personally, I used to struggle setting up scene environments and backgrounds, adding ground planes and hiding that "blank" emptiness that stretches to a dull horizon... No more =)

The Water Pond is a smaller environment than "The Standing", and focuses more on a natural style of landscape environments. Packaged with four pretty awesome MatMorphs, a morphing water plane, Poser and Saz Studio water shaders, a tree stump, a standing base rock, and a huge vine that tunnels through the islands of the terrain, you can't go wrong by adding this awesome product to your collection of rendering tools =)

One quick thing before I let you go.......... Making use of my atmosphere collection (at my Renderosity Free Stuff section), you can apply awesome backgrounds filled with actual sky images. Helps with lighting and renders tremendously!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Morphing Environment 1: "The Standing"

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Some postwork with Ron Devineys brushes of course =)

"The Standing" -was- definitely one of my best selling products. After its release however, it picked up some bad reviews, and I can understand why... First and foremost, I totally suck at writing instructions for my products... I "assume" people know how to use things, and I neglected a big part of the 3D Grafx community by not providing better instructions on use, and for that, I offer my most sincere and humble apologies. However, don't let bad instructions deter you from such an awesome product...

If you check out some of my imagery, you'll see I make use of very "complex" shapes combined with a simple collection of scene items. In all my years of using Poser and related programs, there is always that need to fill the background, and provide a base or ground for the figures and/or objects... However, no one wants to be stuck using the same background and terrain over and over again...

My very first "Morphing Environment", "The Standing" solves that problem. Initially shaped as an enclosing cylindrical platform, its high density leads the way to extreme shape-shifting morphability, meaning you as the user have extreme control over your scenes and characters environment and plenty of versatility. This is definitely a product you can use over and over again, and never get tired of..... Far too many ways to variate its shape, you can create one hundred renders and never have the same "look"... Of course, a little creativity can take you even farther =)

Great for all styles and genres of art and imagery... Portraits, pin-ups, fantasy, sci-fi, horror and even natural landscapes can be made with just a few clicks and dial turns... It has 30 morph deformations, and 9 "pre-textured" morphs (what I call "MatMorph") to get any user going fast and quick... Also comes with 10 photobased texture presets, but of course you have your own endless plethora of procedural materials and shaders to exploit to their fullest...

MatMorphs are hand-texture-painted morphs, meaning color, texture and shape are embedded into the figure simultaneously...... The set includes the color, displacement and normal maps of the 9 included MatMorphs, so if needbe, the user can alter or adjust texture settings as they see fit.

I'll be posting more images and blabbing more about my Morphing Environment sets, so stay tuned =)