Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Eureka =)

 It took a while of playing with, having to remember all the stuff I forgot, and then I had to seriously sink my teeth into it, but I finally figured out the "problem" I had with the initial release of The Standing... Don't fret or worry, absolutely NOTHING is wrong with the current release..... Allow me to explain.

The Standing is a high density morphing backdrop prop for Poser users. A versatile stage prop, that can mimic landscape environments and enclosed interior spaces. You can see by the images posted in my gallery that it can be used and morphed in a variety of ways, and can output for any style of genre of art. And I've only just begun to release its full potential.

It comes loaded with morphs, but the heart and soul of The Standing are the "MatMorphs", variations in which texture and shape are added simultaneously to give awesome and unique effects and looks.

 For the most part, ZBrush plays an integral role in the MatMorphs creation, and I can extract shape and color for use in Poser. However, due to the figures grouping and mapping, extraction of these key elements was difficult, and at times unfortunately some of the WOW got lost in translation =(

But with the update release I am currently working on, the new mapping and grouping make production fluidity a creative breeze...

So here is a quick sneek peek of 2015 version... And keep an eye on my freestuff section at Renderosity for add ons to the 2010 release =)

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Return to The Standing.....

Hello my friends, hope all is well =)

Ok, so we all know that I sell stuff at the 3D GraFX sites... Renderosity, Daz3D, Content Paradise... As a hobby artist, and a longtime user of Poser and Poser related programs and content, I've made many products over the years (most of which are now available for FREE in my Renderosity freestuff section), but my alltime favorite and best selling product is The Standing sold at Daz3D.

Anyone (everyone and their grandmother actually, lol) who uses Poser knows that upon new scene creation you are left with a blank 3D space. We populate that space with characters, props and other scene elements and render. But other than the obvious character, we add some type of ground or terrain, and a background. Bryce users bypass the need for a background as it generates an atmosphere, but there are times when a background/backdrop prop are necessary. This is where The Standing comes into play.

Originally released in the fall of 2010, The Standing is a high resolution morphing backdrop figure/prop for Posers users to help aid in scene building. A polygon dense "stage" that can be morphed using the plethora of shape changing variations. Versatile in that it can be used regardless of the genre of art and imagery produced, it can be made to look like a natural mountain surface, a sci-fi lab, a horrific digestive track of some enormous beast, and even a surreal scene of pure fantastic imagination.

Packed with 30 shape-shifting morphs that can transform and impact the look and feel of your environment, the heart and core of The Standing are the 9 included "MatMorphs", morphs that have texture/material embedded into the shape. These awesome and imaginative MatMorphs are generated in ZBrush, outputting high resolution textures, normals and displacement maps. These MatMorphs are not so easy to generate, and I go the extra mile to add that detail and uniqueness to each MatMorph created.

Admittedly, I have been out the loop for some time, and over the past few weeks having been getting back into the swing of things. It took some time, but I've been adjusting to and relearning all the "stuff" that goes into producing products for sale at the 3D GraFX sites. Anyways, I have made some great progress, and in my return it is my intent to breath new life into my product again. The Standing is so versatile a product that revisiting it is worth it for sure.

So keep your eye on my freestuff section, new MatMorphs are on the way, and pretty soon updates and add-ons will be hitting the stores once again.