Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Colossal Structure.....

Getting back into the swing of things =)

I've been away for so long, and I recently checked the "Top Contributors" list to find I am 36 of 50, not too shabby =) So to keep with the groove and to get some much needed kick back practice, I'm going to be releasing more NEW items =P The practice is good and helps keep me on my toes for sure... I've "almost" forgotten how to use my programs, 3D Coat, ZBrush, Carrara... Even Poser and Bryce I'm having difficulty with, but that's ok, I'll be in full swing in no time...

Started fooling around with some hard edge voxels and came up with this nifty little shape... The modeling wasn't so bad, I will push for more creative techniques next try, but the mapping wasn't so friendly =P You'd think with such a flat shape, some spheres and a few "cylindricals" it wouldn't be so bad, but those who model with voxels and succumb to the ease of "automapping" (of which I am guilty as charged =P) know the nightmares I speak of... I'm just not too crazy about retopping, I enjoy the freestyle-ness of organic voxels, so mapping is not always the best option for my models... Anyways, it is a little "dense", 6 mapping zones and includes the diffuse, normal, specular and displacement maps... Don't think I did much displacement.............

Use as a giant gazebo for those fantasy scenes, or resize and array for all kinds of effects and renders... Stand your character against the wall and use dramatic lighting for awesome results.

--- :::: MC Colossal Structure ::::---

Have fun and Happy Rendering =)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Set 1: Morphing Environments and Props Pack

Now here is where all the action is folks, my morphing environments and props pack... Some old, some new, all great archives to add to your collection. I've blabbed enuff about my morphing environments and backdrops, and now here is your chance to snag them... See for yourself what all my hype is about... Buy any bundle of mines  available in the Renderosity MarketPlace, and choose 1 free bonus set... Limited time off, don't miss out!!!

MC Fantasy Props 2008: Organic shapes

An oldie but a goodie. Packed full of awesomke shapes, use as stands, rigid creatures, use as surface replicating objects, or make arrays or stretched camera abstracts in Bryce. Let your creativity fly with this collection of freakish props.

MC Organica 2010: Organic Props

This set was so good, it was called back and revamped for the Renderosity MarketPlace...More critters and tripped out abstractions to use for your rendering pleasure.

MC Mega Terrain: Morphing Ground Plane

Expanding on my morphing backdrops, this package focuses on the ground level of your renders. Quick and easy terrains for use in Poser, Daz Studio, Carrara and even Bryce.... Use included textures (High Res textures available in my FreeStuff section) or apply procedural shaders/materials from your favorite program. Never render from the knees up again.

The StandingII: Morphing Backdrop

This is it folks, the 2nd installment of my morphing backdrops. Less dense than its predecessor, less textures to manage, and a smaller and simpler shape, this morphing backdrop is busting with features, morphs, texture variants and possibilities to explore. This is something every Poser and Daz Studio user should own... Morphs for fantasy, science fiction, horror, pin-up, portrait and even surreal artists all possible with this fantastic tool... So versatile and easy to use, something you can render over and over again with different and amazing results each and every time...

Set 2: Poser Playsets

Of course these sets aren't just for Poser. Daz Studio, Carrara and even Bryce users can join in on the rendering fun. While they do have morphs, these sets focus on the environment that is more "interactive" than just ground plans or backdrops. Set up and compose "obstacles" for your figures, place and embed other props or objects on them, lean or sit your characters in varying positions. Science fiction, fantasy and horror fans will enjoy the customized styles... Six awesome sets in all for your rendering needs. Boost your library with a plethora of sets to compose fantastic scenes with.

The Chamber: Horror PlayRoom

The Chamber is a creepy room, full of nasty surprises. Intestines draped over the wall, a morphing crate. an eyeball to stare at you... Intense scenes and renders can be made using this set.

The Ill Forest: Fantasy/Nature Environment Set

An organic rock structure with plenty of vines and texture variations to explore. Morphing rocks included. Use with my Atmosphere Pack in my Free Stuff section...

Musya Forest: Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Nature Environment Set

Strange and unique, very alienesque in style, Musya Forest plants your character dead smack in the middle of a psychedelic  frenzy... Off the hook texture variants, and organically modeled. Comes with a platform and "trees" among other goodies to get your creativity going fast and quick...

Land of Apocalypse: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Environment Set

An organic shape rock structure for your characters to interact with... Shape morphs, a morphing vine an plenty of texture variations to choose from.

My First NiteMare: Horror/Fantasy/Sci-Fi Environment

Organically modeled utilizing voxels, this huge environment is perfect for those looking to render awesome alien or horror scenes... Compose included props as obstacles for your character to interact with and to variate the landscape of the scene.

Nites Haven: Fantasy Environment

This set is awesome for the fantasy artist in you. A full scene to explore, steps, drawbridge, ladders, varied levels... Comes loaded with common castle themed props... Morphing column and attaching vines... Wave your emblem and morph it to flow with the wind. Also works great as a "theater" or stage for performing arts... Far too much to explore and exploit in this set...

Set 3: Conforming Outfits for V3/V4

A lot of bonuses to grab during my awesome Christmas GIVEAWAY =)

Gonna be tuff showing ALL the great archives available for this very limited time, so keep an eye on my blog and watch for other special offers coming soon...

Agent of the Afterlife: Demonic Angel...

Made this set a few years back as something of a fantasy/sci-fi post apocalyptic hunter of demons and BIG beasts... Organic, sleek and sexy (love the back), and packed with all sorts of weapons props. I have light sets and poses available in my Renderosity free stuff section...

Cyber Gear: Sci-Fi Conforming Suit for V4

Simple, sleek and stylish, this is one of those science fiction suits you throw those awesome reflective metals on and render. Has all the V4 body morphs embedded, and other shape fitting morphs to adjust as needed...

Gamma Andromeda: Sci-Fi Conforming Suit for V4

Love this set! Conforms awesomely and has all the body morphs embedded. Nice "peek-a-boo" spots, sleek style and has a TON of free texture variants available in my Renderosity Free Stuff section... She carries a nuclear missile, how cool is that!!!

MC Arches: Props for Poser/DazStudio/Bryce/Carrara

And lets not forget about my arch props, great for filling scenes (especially when used with my terrain/environment sets =P). Center your figure and zoom back, utilize my atmosphere pack (in my free stuff section) and render with great results.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Great Christmas Sale Bundle Giveaway =)

You heard right folks, it's a bundle GIVEAWAY!!! Buy ANY bundle from my store at the Renderosity MarketPlace and receive ONE bundle/set shown here, YOUR CHOICE from my archive collection. This is a great way to supersize your Poser library for the holiday season with great items from yours truly... Here are the offers available to you:

Bonus Set 1: Morphing Environments and Props Pack

- includes: MC Mega Terrain, MC Organica 2010, MC Fantasy Props 2008, The StandingII

Bonus Set 2: Poser Playsets

- includes: The Ill Forest, Musya Forest, The Chamber, Land of Apocalypse, My First Nitemare, Nites Haven

Bonus Set 3: Conforming Outfits for V3 and V4

- includes: Demonic Angel (for V3), Gamma Andromeda (for V4), Cyber Gear (for V4), MC Arches

It's simple........... Buy any one of my bundles, then email me your choice of bundle giveaways listed here and I will send an email link to file for download =)

Need to see my great products in action?!? Browse my gallery at Renderosity, or peek through my Free Stuff items to check out available add-ons and other bonus items =)

Friday, November 29, 2013

Morphing Environment 2: "The Water Pond"

--- :::: Now on SALE at Renderosity :::: ---

"The Water Pond" is yet another Morphing Environment Prop geared to help users of Poser/Daz Studio/Bryce/ Carrara create stunning imagery with the use of an extremely versatile background/backdrop prop... Making great use of "MatMorphs" to give the user variability over the end result of their Landscaped render...

What are MatMorphs?? That's a little nickname I gave the material/morphing poses that when selected, applies all the texture and morph information... Sadly, at this time I have yet to crack the code that would allow us to apply them simultaneously, but applying the material pose and cranking on the dial will give the same result. MatMorphs have color and texture embedded directly into the shape of the environment, so the end result can be different for the shape and style of the prop. Through this method, extreme detail can be variated over the prop, change the shape, change the textures, and an entirely new look and feel can be created to your scene with just a few clicks..... It's the same thing when applying a texture and a full body morph to a character, you can have two figures of Vicki 4 in the same image, but render them as two totally different and unique characters... Now the same versatility you've come to exploit with your figures you can do with your landscape environment =) Most times, props come pre-textured, and no variation can be taken advantage of. You "could" texture the prop yourself or apply different procedural materials (just as you can with my morphing environments =), but that's not a task for everyone..............

Personally, I used to struggle setting up scene environments and backgrounds, adding ground planes and hiding that "blank" emptiness that stretches to a dull horizon... No more =)

The Water Pond is a smaller environment than "The Standing", and focuses more on a natural style of landscape environments. Packaged with four pretty awesome MatMorphs, a morphing water plane, Poser and Saz Studio water shaders, a tree stump, a standing base rock, and a huge vine that tunnels through the islands of the terrain, you can't go wrong by adding this awesome product to your collection of rendering tools =)

One quick thing before I let you go.......... Making use of my atmosphere collection (at my Renderosity Free Stuff section), you can apply awesome backgrounds filled with actual sky images. Helps with lighting and renders tremendously!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Morphing Environment 1: "The Standing"

---- ::: Now on SALE at Daz3D ::: ----

Some postwork with Ron Devineys brushes of course =)

"The Standing" -was- definitely one of my best selling products. After its release however, it picked up some bad reviews, and I can understand why... First and foremost, I totally suck at writing instructions for my products... I "assume" people know how to use things, and I neglected a big part of the 3D Grafx community by not providing better instructions on use, and for that, I offer my most sincere and humble apologies. However, don't let bad instructions deter you from such an awesome product...

If you check out some of my imagery, you'll see I make use of very "complex" shapes combined with a simple collection of scene items. In all my years of using Poser and related programs, there is always that need to fill the background, and provide a base or ground for the figures and/or objects... However, no one wants to be stuck using the same background and terrain over and over again...

My very first "Morphing Environment", "The Standing" solves that problem. Initially shaped as an enclosing cylindrical platform, its high density leads the way to extreme shape-shifting morphability, meaning you as the user have extreme control over your scenes and characters environment and plenty of versatility. This is definitely a product you can use over and over again, and never get tired of..... Far too many ways to variate its shape, you can create one hundred renders and never have the same "look"... Of course, a little creativity can take you even farther =)

Great for all styles and genres of art and imagery... Portraits, pin-ups, fantasy, sci-fi, horror and even natural landscapes can be made with just a few clicks and dial turns... It has 30 morph deformations, and 9 "pre-textured" morphs (what I call "MatMorph") to get any user going fast and quick... Also comes with 10 photobased texture presets, but of course you have your own endless plethora of procedural materials and shaders to exploit to their fullest...

MatMorphs are hand-texture-painted morphs, meaning color, texture and shape are embedded into the figure simultaneously...... The set includes the color, displacement and normal maps of the 9 included MatMorphs, so if needbe, the user can alter or adjust texture settings as they see fit.

I'll be posting more images and blabbing more about my Morphing Environment sets, so stay tuned =)