Friday, August 12, 2011

Less than a month to vote... I NEED YOUR HELP!!!

My friends, I REALLY need your help =/

Some of you may have heard me buzzing about the forums talking about Second Life. I first saw Second Life when featured on an episode of CSI: New York, and out of curiosity I just had to try it out... It's pretty awesome, a 3D virtual environment in which you can customize an avatar, and that's only the beginning... There are tons of things to do, explore and many ways to have fun in the Second Life environment.

Pretty soon, they will be allowing the upload of Collada files, and this will have a HUGE and serious impact on the level of creativity and the overall experience for Second Life "residents". Currently, and without going into great detail, we are restricted to the use of "Sculpties", a rather primitive way of creating. Residents and their avatars plus the virtual environment can only be generated with these Sculpties, and while it can be an awesome experience, for content creators, it is rather dull and "primitive", no pun intended =P

Second Life and its "set-up" offers a great way for people to use the internet and with the coming of "Mesh" (my SL terminology is not up to par, my most sincere apologies) I would very much like to take FULL ADVANTAGE of some of its features. I won't lie, I want to exploit the possibilities of the added freedom...

This additional freedom however is of immense mutual benefit... Content creators could exhibit, market, sell and offer 3D related content using their system, and the savings would be  passed on to you... Personally, and especially in these hard times, ANY way to save is of great benefit.....

Merchants and PA's could sell their products using their system, and in turn, this would enrich the SL experience, as they would be "hosts" to our creativity.

Linden Labs would benefit from the volume of residents, and the cost for us would be MINIMAL. Taking full advantage of their "Lindens" system, everyone benefits. The only issue, is that currently their Terms of Service would NOT allow the marketing of "non-related" SL content... I truly believe this is only because they are unaware of "our" market, and are understandably apprehensive... Together we can show them the light =)

What my plan is is to elaborate in great detail what "we" would be doing, and maybe establish some type of rules or system that we could agree upon, as it would be mutually beneficial. However, in order to do that, I truly need your help...

I would like to show them some level of petition, and that my friends, is in the form of my "Vote to amend the SL ToS"... My target is 1000 votes, hopefully that would be enough to at least bring the topic to the table, but as a single merchant, my voice carries little, if any, power of persuasion.

Please vote YES to amend the Second Life Terms of Service (the poll is located on the right side panel of this blog), I would very much like to show the polls to Linden Labs to establish some weight with regards to my request...

Vote YES to amend the Second Life Terms of Service

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