Friday, May 25, 2012

HBorres' PoserPro2012 SSS material Variation =)

If you frequent the Poser forums at any of the popular 3D graphics communities within the "Poser-Verse", you must have come by an "outstanding member of the community" named "hborre". This is truly a great guy, always offering help and assistance to newcomers and experienced veterans alike. I like that he uses an avatar of Superman, very fitting =)

Before we even continue, let's take a look at this guys gallery, an awesome exhibit of his skills and knowledge he shares with the Poser-Verse...

You may have seen some of my new texture skins popping up in the Renderosity FreeStuff section, before they were released I had some issues w/ the normal maps and displacement, and to help me better understand what was going on HBorre took my textures and generated a Poser Pro 2012 Material file, and here is what he has to say about it:

"The render scene is composed of a skydome (I prefer BB envsphere), one infinite light, raytrace (80% intensity), and SAMS3D free pagoda (color textures modified using an HSV node connected between the image and PoserSurface).  My render settings includes IDL, SSS, and raytracing; I tried to go as sub optimal as possible to render quickly.  If you study the mat room node setup, you will notice that both displacement and normal maps are connected; this is not truly necessary for this scene. Because of the portrait nature of the render, I would have disconnected the normal map and rely primarily on the displacement.  If I were to place the character at a distance, then I would opt to use the normal mapping instead".

So just where is this file you ask?!? Keep an eye on my >> Renderosity FreeStuff << a few things in que ahead of it, but it's on its way =)

A HUGE shout of thanks to HBorre for creating the files, and a tremendous praise of thanks to all who responded to this thread: >>> Help w/ Normal Maps <<<

When I have a better understanding of setting up the render settings for displacement, I will generate a full scene file, the kind you keep as a "default" opening state =)

please reference previous blogs for information regarding BagginsBill (aka "BB"), his environment sphere, and his VSS system, another truly remarkable member of the Poser Community (the guys name is on the "opening credits" when you load Poser =P)

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