Saturday, June 9, 2012

My "Ancient" Bryce Files =P

You guys are going to be seeing PLENTY of my VERY early release products seeping their way into my Renderosity Free Stuff Section =)

My very 1st attempts at online marketing were done under a name I dare to mention, =P many failed experiments and practices for my "big" run. By the time I became comfortable w/ my limited toolset at the time, I choose the persona "MatCreator", as most of my products were indeed Bryce "Mats" (materials =P)... I sold quite a bit of unusual, unique and brilliant proceedural mats, but for some very odd and terrible reason I began noticing "glitches" in my saved proceeds (sadly, an issue I never resolved), and when i could no longer trust proceeds, I began using photos, only deepening my love for photobased texture results. What started as a need for good presets to use, actually became the strong point of my very early surrealist imagery.

Anyways, I am very pleased to announce the re-release of the products that launched my "career" =P

I would like to take a very short moment to honor and give tribute to a very dear friend of mines, "Wawa Dave", a very unique and outstanding member of the Bryce community who sadly lost his battle to diabetes some time ago. He literally put me on the map, always pushing my products and gave whatever assistance he could, even using a signature banner with a link to my stores/products... You are deeply missed friend..... I will forever embrace your creative genius and remember to push the limits and boundaries of my own creativeness. Good journeys friend.

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