Sunday, March 25, 2012

Getting up to speed =D

Had to go thru some forums and poke around and make a pest of myself =P

I really do enjoy interacting w/ other graphics geeks, I wouldn't be anywhere w/o you guys, all the help and info floating abouts is amazing, we have to stop for a moment to be able to appreciate it...

I think my arsenal is all up to date and ready to go, didn't take long to re-acquaint myself my my tools, which is good, im ready to roll... I got around to doing some Poser lighting tests, don't know if I'm ready to upgrade as yet, I want to find out if the weight painting in Poser Pro 2012 is something I can bank on, Carrara has a pretty sweet toolset for weight painting, but I don't know if the "communication" of files is a Collada glitch, or something else, but so far, I not having much luck moving .daes around. I guess, I haven't given myself closure over the SL rigging thing, and it's just BOTHERING me =P I did test a Make Human Collada export which came into Carrara w/ -few- problems, very minor at first glance, which is good. It's getting the model RIGGED into Second Life which is the real drama, and for that Blender still seems to be the way to go. I;m not too fond of Blender, but I must admit, the new release (2.62 I believe) isn't bad at all =) I might actually start enjoying it. I can rant about this in my other Blog, lol, let me not get carried away here =P

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