Saturday, March 24, 2012

Return from the 6th Dimension!!!

It's been 6 full months since I last turned on my desktop, that's my graphics "powerhouse" that I do all my main and serious work on. I've just been itching to do "something", and it always calls you back in.

That said, I spent the better part of a day upgrading, fixing, cleaning and re-familiarizing myself w/ old habits and my core software, and I'm pretty much "ready" to go again. Some real nice upgrades have come up, ZBrush, Blender, Daz Studio, Genetica, Make Human, 3D Coat... A lot of new tools and advances to exploit =) It's going to be fun, already I have 2 products in the "lab"...

Anyways, I'm trying to see where things stand w/ Second Life, a nice distraction but I'm sad to say I "abandoned" my land and deleted my Marketplace store =P I want to see a strong presence AND demand for more -Mesh- related content before I invest more eggs to that basket, that's dependent mainly on the reliability of the Collada file format, my willingness to push my Blender skills (as is, and to the best of my knowledge, neither Carrara, Poser or Daz Studio are SL friendly as yet, Blender still seems to be the best way to go), and my overall mood =/ I believe SL can be so awesome and easily integrated into the Poser-Verse Community, but no one seems to agree... Digital artists meeting in an interactive digital environment, how cool is that?!? It combines all our geekdom, in harmonious synchronization, LOL!!! I have to admit, I'm rather embarrassed at how my poll went, I REALLY needed you guys =( The ease at which Content Creators could deliver free content and share knowledge would have been insane, and to the communities greatest benefit... Maybe it's not too late?!?

All this character "stuff" that seems to dominate my passion, I'm looking into picking up Quidam w/ the Carrara export option and Creator Creator, 2 awesome programs that have been on my drool list for far too long.....

Other than that, it's nice to be "back" =D

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