Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Colossal Structure.....

Getting back into the swing of things =)

I've been away for so long, and I recently checked the "Top Contributors" list to find I am 36 of 50, not too shabby =) So to keep with the groove and to get some much needed kick back practice, I'm going to be releasing more NEW items =P The practice is good and helps keep me on my toes for sure... I've "almost" forgotten how to use my programs, 3D Coat, ZBrush, Carrara... Even Poser and Bryce I'm having difficulty with, but that's ok, I'll be in full swing in no time...

Started fooling around with some hard edge voxels and came up with this nifty little shape... The modeling wasn't so bad, I will push for more creative techniques next try, but the mapping wasn't so friendly =P You'd think with such a flat shape, some spheres and a few "cylindricals" it wouldn't be so bad, but those who model with voxels and succumb to the ease of "automapping" (of which I am guilty as charged =P) know the nightmares I speak of... I'm just not too crazy about retopping, I enjoy the freestyle-ness of organic voxels, so mapping is not always the best option for my models... Anyways, it is a little "dense", 6 mapping zones and includes the diffuse, normal, specular and displacement maps... Don't think I did much displacement.............

Use as a giant gazebo for those fantasy scenes, or resize and array for all kinds of effects and renders... Stand your character against the wall and use dramatic lighting for awesome results.

--- :::: MC Colossal Structure ::::---

Have fun and Happy Rendering =)

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