Thursday, December 5, 2013

Set 1: Morphing Environments and Props Pack

Now here is where all the action is folks, my morphing environments and props pack... Some old, some new, all great archives to add to your collection. I've blabbed enuff about my morphing environments and backdrops, and now here is your chance to snag them... See for yourself what all my hype is about... Buy any bundle of mines  available in the Renderosity MarketPlace, and choose 1 free bonus set... Limited time off, don't miss out!!!

MC Fantasy Props 2008: Organic shapes

An oldie but a goodie. Packed full of awesomke shapes, use as stands, rigid creatures, use as surface replicating objects, or make arrays or stretched camera abstracts in Bryce. Let your creativity fly with this collection of freakish props.

MC Organica 2010: Organic Props

This set was so good, it was called back and revamped for the Renderosity MarketPlace...More critters and tripped out abstractions to use for your rendering pleasure.

MC Mega Terrain: Morphing Ground Plane

Expanding on my morphing backdrops, this package focuses on the ground level of your renders. Quick and easy terrains for use in Poser, Daz Studio, Carrara and even Bryce.... Use included textures (High Res textures available in my FreeStuff section) or apply procedural shaders/materials from your favorite program. Never render from the knees up again.

The StandingII: Morphing Backdrop

This is it folks, the 2nd installment of my morphing backdrops. Less dense than its predecessor, less textures to manage, and a smaller and simpler shape, this morphing backdrop is busting with features, morphs, texture variants and possibilities to explore. This is something every Poser and Daz Studio user should own... Morphs for fantasy, science fiction, horror, pin-up, portrait and even surreal artists all possible with this fantastic tool... So versatile and easy to use, something you can render over and over again with different and amazing results each and every time...

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  1. I can't find "The Standing II" for sale anywhere -- for love or money. I stumbled on a couple of expansion sets that go with it, but I can't use them until I buy a copy of the base product. Is it still for sale? Where can I get a copy?