Thursday, December 5, 2013

Set 2: Poser Playsets

Of course these sets aren't just for Poser. Daz Studio, Carrara and even Bryce users can join in on the rendering fun. While they do have morphs, these sets focus on the environment that is more "interactive" than just ground plans or backdrops. Set up and compose "obstacles" for your figures, place and embed other props or objects on them, lean or sit your characters in varying positions. Science fiction, fantasy and horror fans will enjoy the customized styles... Six awesome sets in all for your rendering needs. Boost your library with a plethora of sets to compose fantastic scenes with.

The Chamber: Horror PlayRoom

The Chamber is a creepy room, full of nasty surprises. Intestines draped over the wall, a morphing crate. an eyeball to stare at you... Intense scenes and renders can be made using this set.

The Ill Forest: Fantasy/Nature Environment Set

An organic rock structure with plenty of vines and texture variations to explore. Morphing rocks included. Use with my Atmosphere Pack in my Free Stuff section...

Musya Forest: Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Nature Environment Set

Strange and unique, very alienesque in style, Musya Forest plants your character dead smack in the middle of a psychedelic  frenzy... Off the hook texture variants, and organically modeled. Comes with a platform and "trees" among other goodies to get your creativity going fast and quick...

Land of Apocalypse: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Environment Set

An organic shape rock structure for your characters to interact with... Shape morphs, a morphing vine an plenty of texture variations to choose from.

My First NiteMare: Horror/Fantasy/Sci-Fi Environment

Organically modeled utilizing voxels, this huge environment is perfect for those looking to render awesome alien or horror scenes... Compose included props as obstacles for your character to interact with and to variate the landscape of the scene.

Nites Haven: Fantasy Environment

This set is awesome for the fantasy artist in you. A full scene to explore, steps, drawbridge, ladders, varied levels... Comes loaded with common castle themed props... Morphing column and attaching vines... Wave your emblem and morph it to flow with the wind. Also works great as a "theater" or stage for performing arts... Far too much to explore and exploit in this set...

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