Sunday, May 29, 2011

the fermentation of condenscending lust...

I'm still adjusting and getting used to having a laptop, it's great not being rooted to my desk anymore =P

I find my laptop comes off a bit brighter than what I'm used to, admittedly, I use a 10 year old IBM CRT monitor. For the most part, I will calibrate only before I'm about to print, but other than that, I find the process to be a pain.

Now, after calibrating my monitor for good practices purposes, I was forced to reset my monitor to it's default settings. I find the colors are "rich" and pale at the same time, as if under some type of ambient cartoon shading style. Too weird and technical for me to bother with, but I wonder how my stuff looks on others peoples systems...

That said, it's been quite some time since I've switched to Carrara as my main rendering program, yet, I am still apprehensive and reluctant to use my Carrara images for print or exhibits. There was something about Bryce that just clicked w/ me and my surrealism, and after going through my stock collection of framed worked, 7 medium, 4 small, i wonder if i should just "go back"... I do my modeling in other programs anyway, and as far figures, I suppose the Daz Studio bridge isn't so bad, so long as it's not buggy or crashes all the time, I should give it a go right?!?

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