Friday, May 27, 2011

uh oh...

Seems I have too much and too many projects that are in the "open"... You know it's bad when RMP testers email you saying "what's up w/ your upload"?!?

My second clothing/armor set is being thrown back in que, sadly, I am just not ready to fix after seeing how poorly sales of my Gamma Andromeda set have been selling... Apparently, I need to improve my texture skills for clothing sake, a bit different from my usual terrains and backdrops =D

But I WILL be updating Gamma Andromeda and fixing my Cyber Gear suit in the near future. With summer just around the corner, and a few shows I will be exhibiting in, not to mention other open projects that I know will do well, my experimentation in clothing and armor has come to an abrupt end...

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