Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Awesome Valley

Imagine rendering 3D waterfall landscapes in Bryce... That was the "concept" behind the Awesome Valley set. You see plenty of pre-rendered backgrounds, but the ability to make them in an actual 3D environment is something totally different. Your characters and other scene objects can interact with them in ways that just arent possible using 2D manipulation and postwork (and believe me, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong w/ postwork, trust me, I use it all the time =P), but it does make a visual difference...

This set contains pre-constructed scene files, materials, terrains, atmospheric presets, and waterfall "alpha" maps, which I found to be CRUCIAL in mimicking the effect of "flowing water"...

While old (the set was originally made in Bryce 4), I know the included presets can prove to be dealy in the right hands. Yield to experiementation and exploration of landscaping concepts, and you can produce some "Awesome" imagery for sure =)

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