Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Little creatures and "Critters" =)

I have "yet another" Bryce must have on its way my friends =) Critters features one of my earliest model packs ever created, sporting organic models generated using Amapi 6 (it was free w/ some magazine some time ago, and was my very 1st -nonfreeware- modeling app). I could extrude and smooth to my hearts desire, and that's exactly what I did =) Having just been introduced to Wings 3D, Amapi was an awesome grab, and allowed me to explore some very interesting and unique shapes/pieces.....

I added to that exploratory modeling practice run some Bryce materials and atmospheric settings, and BOOM, we have a seriously complete Bryce package, for your rendering needs =)

The shapes can be used in a variety of fashions, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, surrealism... Use them as abstracted pieces multi-replicated to generate awesome forms and 3D fractals. Apply arrays of them for geometric experiments, or add some diversity to your "sphere over water" renders substituting a singular "macro-array"... The possibilities are endless and infinite, I encourage you to use this set to push the boundaries of your own creative genius =)

Happy Rendering =D

* I "believe" that Amapi is now "Hexagon", and is offered (limited time only!) for FREE at Daz3D *

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