Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Fantastic Empire.....

Actually, I don't remember if this ever made it to the store =P That shows how old I am, lol......

The Fantastic Empire is a MASSIVE collection of architectural props, materials and atmospheric presets to help Brycers create renders that will use a consistent style based on the included structures. The structures are native Bryce Booleans, and I grouped them by color for easy material selection and editing. 42 Architectural structures, 18 terrains,  well over 100 materials in different "styles", and over 170 atmospheric presets are included in this set.

Mix and match various components of the set to create full scenes, cities and "villages. Manipulate through robust environments with ease and maintain a consistent style, great for the screenplay visionary or storyteller... Add your structure, apply materials and atmosphere, populate and render, it's that easy =)

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