Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Alien Artifacts...

I have "completed" the Alien Artifacts props, if all goes well, you should be seeing them soon enough =)

I must admit, I truly enjoyed the creation process of these props. It was a joy to model the shapes, it felt very natural and free flowing, more like I was doing something I like, rather than the usual market geared product. Nothing wrong w/ that, us content developers (or content creators) need to earn a living too, my rent is just as high as anyone one elses, and my kids are like sharks =D

Modeled, mapped and textured all in 3D Coat. I'm amazed at how the shapes came out, and I'm impressed at the detail I achieved w/o the use of ZBrush, LOL!!!

Two freakishly awesome alienesque organic sets of props (12 props in each set), rigid and very high resolution for your rendering needs. They'll go great in your Bryce or Vue scenes, as standalone pieces for abstract or macro style art, and can be utilized in many ways as fascinating and complex arrays (careful not to crash the system =P). They can easily compliment any fantasy or sci-fi scene as alien statues or sculpture. Spread them across a vast infinite plane using DOF for awesome surrealism. The fun will never end w/ these amazing props =)

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