Saturday, June 4, 2011

I need Power!!!!!

So I was dead smack in the middle of product and the Power goes off =(

I must have some kind of short in my wiring, it's only affecting the outlets in my basement, which is actually my "studio" =P My wife would have a fit if she heard me say that, lol...

But sadly, I will not be able to finish my product until I can get some power to the basement in some fashion... I may have to set up my desktop upstairs for the time being, the thought of uprooting myself temporarily is like that numbing feeling you have when you get the flu. I can't stress enough how anal retentive I am, borderline OCD for sure...

What can I say? I am your more than average anal retentive Capricorn surrealist  graphics geek... With a power short, O the horror!!!

On a good note, the product IS completely done, tested and wrapped up. I need to do the promo images for upload, can't proceed w/o them. I can't even grab files through my own network, since the basement has no power, there just isn't any way, so you guys are delayed from having yet another TOTALLY AWESOME product from me =)

Fear not, it'll make its way to your presets collection soon enough...

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