Monday, June 13, 2011

Gamma Andromeda: Variants 0 - 10

I FINALLY got the time to set up the texture variants for the gamma Andromeda set. You will be seeing 10 variants of the suit slowly making their way into the Renderosity Free Stuff section. I admit, my texturing skills are not that great, but I am learning, and in time, I am sure I will be able to floor you w/ not only the creative uniqueness you have all come to enjoy, but also in texturing and technical prowess as well =P

At any rate, please feel free to download and enjoy the Texture Variants. They are set as MATPoses and as Material Collections for your convenience.

I will also be uploading the UV Texture templates (after all 10 Variants have been released at Renderosity), but as the normal maps are extremely huge in size, I will send those to "purchasers" upon request. Simply drop me an email, and I will send shortly, I usually get to my emails at least once a day, but for sure w/i 5 days...

Take a look at the set if you havent already:

>>> MC - Gamma Andromeda <<< Sci-Fi Superconforming Body Suit and weapons for the Daz3D Victoria 4 Character

Renderosity will be "releasing" one set per day over the course of the next week or so, so keep an eye out for them, easy to install, simple to use, great versatility for one package =)

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