Wednesday, June 8, 2011

An all revealing sneek peek =)

Thanks for those who were patient for the final unveiling...

My next product, coming your way real soon, the MC Morphing Columns =)

I wanted something for myself to help w/ scene building, and I thought it would be nice to use some of those nice greek style columns for some plans I have of renders/shows/events... For my me, it's hard to settle on one style, so I said "how could I make a column and change it on the fly if I want? I dont want to model 1000 columns"... The answer was to make a column and embed so many morphs, I would give myself an "infinite" column...

This high density model is packed w/ over 100 morphs. The concept is to mix and match styles to get a custom look you like, but even better, I embedded "structural" shape morphs as well, meaning you can even build -complete- structures using my "not-so-simple" column and some imagination. So many styles to choose from, then take it a step further and morph your own custom style..... Speaking for myself, I LOVE this product =D

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