Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Land of N'od

Trying to keep w/ the flow of things and having developed something of a new workflow, I am taking my new skill set to the next level and have decided to try some ultra-organic terrains/playsets for the Poser-verse... I have done them (actually, they've become the bulk of my work recently), but now I will be exploring new methods of creation for better results...

Consider this a sneek peep... WIP, will take a bit to get it ready...

I'll have to redo the textures, but more importantly, the mapping =/ I can't stress how difficult it is mapping dense models. Trying to fit everything into 4096 squares is NOT as easy as it may seem. Rendering the diffuse/normal/specular maps, then baking the actual textures. Patience is truly a virtue =)

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