Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Uh Oh, I have a "new" Camera =)

Well, it's not "new", new =P My mom gave it to me while i visited her on one of my trips to NYC =)


I haven't had a descent camera of my owns in eons =/ I wouldn't be where I am today if not for my first camera, my HP PhotoSmart. Crap ass p.o.s (that means piece of sh*t =P). I sold my Digital Oddities to Daz, and w/ that bought my Epson R1800 and the Camera. With that camera, I took pictures of rocks, and that was my 3rd Earth Set, also sold at Daz. With the profits I began earning from that, I was able to reach out, branch a bit, and invest further in some supplies, started putting my renders to print and the rest is history =P

Enough of nostalgia, thats what www.thedigitalsurrealist.com is for =D

Anyways, I took my new camera out on what was supposed to be a quick Fathers day Hike, and BOOM =D Me and my wife got lost in the hiking trail. We thought the trail looped around, but no... We walked for a stumbling 3 1/2 hours through 2 neighboring towns =)

The POINT of my story is this awesome picture of the LingZhi mushroom I found =) I have always been fascinated by such things, and it's that kind of freakish realism and organic quality I have been stressing to reproduce, capture and embed in my own 3D modeling and imagery... Tools like ZBrush and 3D Coat are godsends in that regard, and I couldn't be happier w/ them in my toolset =)

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