Friday, June 24, 2011

Realm of Nitemares...

It's looking better than I first thought, and the production time is real nice =)

The preview you see makes it look too nice and beautiful, I'm going for the fantasy horror edge this time around. The 3 texture variants so far are only "base" textures, today, I plan to do the scary stuff... This paint job will be very horrific and abstract, going to make use of normals, specular and displacement maps, so going forward all other renders MUST be done in C8Pro, and I couldn't be more thrilled. I usually do my promo renders in Poser or Studio, just to appeal to the market, but this time around I want the product to look as it is intended to look, the downfalls, pitfalls and shortcomings of Poser and Studio will be on them. It's rather frustrating as an artist trying to show how something "should" look when the software I render in doesn't allow... I haven't been able to render proper normal or displacements maps since I've learned about them, unless I use Carrara... This time around, the nitemare WILL look real =D

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