Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Second Life ToS: My Campaign for digital file freedom...

Dudes and Dudettes, lend me your ears =)

Seriously guys, I was wondering what your feeling are or if any of you would be "open" to the idea of selling "regular" Poser, Daz Studio and related programs content in Second Life... The very same content we are used to selling, and more, but just in a different environment... As is, the ToS would not allow, but I think it's because they are "unaware" of our style of products. We could set up and market both Second Life and regular Poser/Studio (which includes textures and objects + .dae files) content for inworld purchases...

How would this work?!? Sell notecards w/ the download info,it's that simple. You would handle that "personally" and that would be up to you. It's not a "catch" or gimmick, it's freedom. We could market and promote our products in our usual, normal fashion and by using "Lindens" we would have created something of an "accounting" system. As we would be handling our own links and files, the possibilities are endless...

Here are a few of the benefits:

- Easy marketing/accounting and promotion of goods
- The artist would have total control over their products and pricing
- Minimal cost. Your server to host the files, and the cost to transfer Lindens to your PayPal acct*
- No split fee or commissions, transfer lindens to your PayPal at your discretion**
- Instantly embed yourself in a new market and explore/exploit your creativity in fascinating ways

Currently established Second Life Markets:

- "Prims" and "sculpted Prims" primitive objects created under sl's own software
- Custom rigged low poly avatars (after Mesh goes Live)
- Textures (as resource files and as Avatar "Skins")
- Poses/Animations
- Sound/Audio files (voice and music)
- Collada files (rigged/unrigged textured meshes/objects when Mesh goes live)

New markets: link to offsite downlinks, currently AGAINST the ToS
- "Any" file that you can host yourself including but not limited to:
- Poser/Studio content
- Bryce Content
- Carrara Content
- High density objects
- High resolution textures/image files
- Audio files, music loops

Not much difference from our usual content is there?!? The real issue is if is can be used in SL or not, and while Poser/Studio native files can not be used in Second Life, mostly anything else "could" be.

We need to gather a "list" of sorts to present to ll in order to establish a set of rules and guides for us to follow in order for them to "amend" the ToS... I believe if we get enough people to present our case, we have a good chance to modify the ToS. Everyone benefits, even Linden labs, it would be in their best interest.

So what say you fellow artisans, developers and content creators?!? You wouldn't need to do anything but vote using my poll. I see no reason why anyone would reject the possibility, absolutely nothing to lose.

>>> * Here is the Second Life/Linden Labs ToS Agreement <<<

>>> ** And this is the cost of transferring Lindens to PayPal <<<

To make this even plea even better, I can now say that according to Linden labs, Mesh will become available starting in July. Here is what LL has to say about it:

"In July, we will enable a limited set of regions to use Mesh and will roll it out, in a phased approach, throughout August. By the end of August, everyone in Second Life will be able to import Mesh objects. Of course, if we run into unforeseen issues or bugs, then this time line will need to shift".

I would very much like to have this extra freedom at the release of Mesh, we may not have anything "ready", but at least we could begin the process, and start adapting and integrating this new outlet of creativity to begin exploring ways to exploit our artistic prowess.

So please vote, as THIS and the poll are a direct petition to Linden labs to amend their standing ToS.

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